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Common Knowledge is a master's degree in personal and business finance geared to introducing those techniques required to gain control of our social, economic and spiritual destiny.

This is a home, based educational product that I suggest you introduce to your children as a supplement to their public education as early as age 13. It is advised that family and friends study this material together and rally meetings around it.

Part I (The Money Game)

Ch 1. Understanding The Money Game
This is a very powerful chapter to start you on your journey to personal success. The money game introduces you to the concept of creating wealth. It confronts the psychological barriers we have to being successful.

Ch 2. Getting out of Debt
This designed to familiarize you and your family with wealth positioning techniques to getting out of debt. By getting out of debt you put yourself in the way of wealth. This chapter will help you to plug the holes in your financial bucket.

Ch 3. Developing a Wealth building Strategy
This deals with understanding how debt is created. You learn how debt has become an addiction to many and a habit that is passed on to each generation.

Ch 4. Skills
Time Management and Preparing for College
This chapter is for the person from age 13 and above who has difficulty being focused and a little disorganized.

Part II (The creation of capital through business formations and asset protection)

Ch 5. Starting a business while you have a "J.O.B."
This is the best time to start a business. If you spend 75% of your take home pay on living expenses and use the other 25% for tithing, saving, education and running a family business. You will lay the foundation for wealth creation while improving your current standard of living.

Ch 6. Explaining the various business entities
In this section we will briefly but thoroughly explain the various business entities and what benefit can be derived from forming such an entity.

Ch 7. Managing the home and business budget
There is a strong relationship between operating a business budget and operating a household budget. A business budget is needed to determine the operating needs of your company. A household budget is needed to provide for the operating needs of your family.

Ch 8. Understanding bankruptcy in the pursuit of wealth creation
If you as a debtor cannot meet your monthly obligations to creditors, bankruptcy can be used as a procedure to settle debts and obtain a fresh start. Although bankruptcy is not for everyone. Bankruptcy can be used as a powerful means to free up assets.

Part III (Avoiding probate by passing wealth to the next generation through the use of Wills, Trusts)

Ch 9. Understanding Wills and Trusts
Here we look at the importance of having a will and trust for estate planning purposes. We will discuss what are the limitations and benefits of both the will and living trust document.

Ch 10. Creating wealth under the new Tax laws and Tax planning
In the summer of 1996 four pieces of tax legislation were enacted to provide tax relief for small businesses and the self-employed.

Ch 11. Understanding the new Roth IRA and your retirement plan

In this chapter and throughout this text we discuss the many new opportunities that individuals and families have as a result of the recent tax laws changes. Currently, there is increased opportunity to save for college and retirement.

Ch 12. Introduction to protecting your assets from lawsuits and taxation
In this chapter we will discuss how the business structures we discussed in chapter 5 can be used to protect your home, car, personal belonging and business assets from lawsuits and excessive taxation.

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